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Bench 4100 -BNN041000808DPC

SKU: BNN041000808DPC
You will marvel at the beauty of the woodwork on this gorgeous rustic-looking bench. Showcase it in your country, farmhouse

Bench 4120 – BNN041200808DPC

SKU: BNN041200808DPC
You will marvel at the beauty of the woodwork on this gorgeous rustic-looking bench. Create a wow factor in your

Bench 5054 – BNN050540202R

SKU: BNN050540202R
This stately solid wood bench has a natural, easy look that will bring warmth and coziness to your room. Features

Bench 5070 – BNN05070XT02R18-XT

SKU: BNN05070XT02R18-XT
Here is a rustic bench with unparalleled comfort. Its sturdy construction with wide straight lines makes it stand out while

Bench 5073 – BNN05073XT02R18-XT

SKU: BNN05073XT02R18-XT
This beautiful industrial-style bench is the perfect blend of the comfort of upholstery and the richness of solid wood. It

Bench 5169 – BNN05169XT02RNA-XT

This cube bench is as attractive as it is practical. This simple, timeless, and high-quality design will be the perfect

Bench 5170 – BNN05170TW05MNA-TW

This prestigious modern bench stands out with its unparalleled comfort, subtle edges, stitching details and elegant armrests. Features: 40 color

Bench 8914 – BNN08914XTGLM18-XT

This modern bench really makes its presence felt! With its gold metal legs, it will enhance your decor perfectly. Features:

Bench 9058 – BNN090587T49MVE-7T

SKU: BNN090587T49MVE-7T
This classic-style bench is the perfect addition to an entryway, hallway, bedroom or even the dining room. With its ultra-comfortable

Bench 9061 – BNN0906125NAENA

Bring a little something to your dining room with this dining bench from the East Side collection. The slanted black-metal

Bench 9540 – BNN095407U25ENA-7U

SKU: BNN095407U25ENA-7U
Enhance your dining room set with this bench from the East Side collection. Rustic and elegant, this charming bench will

Bench 4120 – BNN041207U19MPC -7U

SKU: BNN041207U19MPC -7U
This prestigious bench is sure to be an eye-catcher, thanks to its size and quality finish. Features: More than 40

Bench 9058 – BNN090587U25ENA-7U

SKU: BNN090587U25ENA-7U
Add this comfortable, highly versatile bench (upholstered or wood) to your dining room set, entryway or to the foot of

Bench 8902 – BNN089027U19M18-7U

SKU: BNN089027U19M18-7U
This charming, sophisticated and romantic-looking bench stands out with its fine detailing and quality finish. Features: More than 40 color

Bench 8901 – BNN089010808D18

SKU: BNN089010808D18
Do you like the idea of adding a lovely bench to your decor but don’t have a large space? Choose